With more and more discussion surrounding mentalh health these days (a great thing by the way) it's worth noting how much an effect colour can have on your day to day mood and life. Some artists, interior designers, therapists, scientists and so on believe it has quite the effect on us. Advertisers and marketing companies do spend countless amounts of money in researching this and how it makes us feel. So when it comes to choosing colours for our own home, maybe we should look a little deeper into this, especially as we spend the majority of our time in homes, it stands to reason that we would want them to evoke feelings of calm and peace in certain areas, comfort in others and vibrancy in some. 

It's quite interesting to think about it a little more and learn what colours would really benefit you in the bedroom or your living room? I supoose there is no harm in trying, if a colour really can have an impact on your mood then this could be a simple way of giving you that little bit of peace and calm, or the push you need to wake up a touch happier or sleep a more soundily. Small things can sometimes make a big difference, it may not revolutionise your life or completely clear your mind, but if you all need is tin of paint or some new wallpaper to give it a try, then why not. 

Below are a couple of article links that you may be interested in, guiding you as to what the psychology of colour is in your home.