The big three main property companies are cracking down on estate agents who try to 'portal juggle'. This is when an agent readvertises new properties that may not necessarily be on the market, allowing data and figures to be fudged, not only is this bad form but its misleading to the the portal websites along with clients. 

A spokesperson for Rightmove said "Rightmove’s reload detection technology stops agents trying to re-introduce a property, and that “greatly reduces the number of cases”. “Trying to reload properties as new is not something that we tolerate and our data quality team take it very seriously. At Rightmove, we continue to ensure that users are seeing the most accurate information and that agents are operating on a level playing field."

A similar statement has been issued by Zoopla too.

All this shows is if an agent needs to mask their true figures then at some point they will come a cropper. Unlike us, who always have a great market share and are regularly 1st in our area for lettings with no tricks just treats...