From the 1st February 2016 there is a new Legislation which all new rental applicants need to follow. There are three new Schemes which applicants will fall into, Unlimited right to rent, Time limited right to rent and No right to rent. When applying for a new property all applicants need to supply the following identification to proceed with the property application:

Unlimited right to rent:

* National Identity Card

* Passport


Time limited right to rent:

* Immigration status document

* Passport


No right to rent:

* Tenant who is coming from outside of the UK or EEA and cannot provide any of the documents from List B at ( )

Alternatively for British Citizens, EEA or Swiss Nationals two of the following can be used also

  • Birth certificate
  • Letter dated within the last three months from an employer
  • Letter from UK educational institution
  • Full or provisional driving licence (with counterpart).